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It is a Prepaid Card with a value limited to the amount of cash loaded on the card at the time of any order. The Prepaid Visa Gift Card permits you to purchase what you need, when you need, all around Visa Debit Card is acknowledged inside the United States ONLY.

Similar to other debit card service Mygiftcardsite also offers users to use the card number to purchase on other sites.

How To Register To My Gift Card Site

For Registering go to and enter your card details and the security code.

How To Manage Your Gift Card

Knowing your prepaid gift card is one of the significant advantages of this site. It guarantees that there will be no occasions of your buy being decreased. With the card offering an essential and advantageous shopping model, there is have to guarantee continually you are mindful of the stores held by the card.


To check your balance, you are obliged to get to the site of the card-issuing executor. You will enter your card subtle elements for recognizable proof and after that ask for an offset check. The site offering this administration is the balance.

This site will provide you the current adjust and all the more so the transactions going before the transaction. This information can likewise be attained by calling the guarantors toll-free number and asking for the card offset. Despite the fact that not considered a safe model, there are many security instruments that are placed set up to discover you are the good card manager.

Benefits Of Joining Website:

  • There are numerous benefits of interest of getting a gift card from this site. The primary plus point is that you would have the capacity to dispose of the obligation of needing to choose the ideal gift person for the beneficiary.
  • You would not need to stress yourself excessively by attempting to evaluate what your companion might want to have. Truth be told, it gets to be much harder when you is getting hitched as you would need to contemplate the tastes of both the individuals. By giving the gift card, you can keep away from any such issue while as of now figuring out how to settle on a decent decision.
  • Another preference with the gift card is that the beneficiary would have the capacity to purchase anything that he needs. Like this, by giving this blessing card, you would have the ability to offer flexibility to your companion to get what the prefers as opposed to needing to acknowledge whatever you provide for him.
  • A large portion of the times you would have confronted circumstances where individuals would have brought different sorts of gifts yet not, in any case, one of them would have been helpful to you. To stay away from such a situation for your companion, you can introduce him the blessing card.
  • By giving the gift card, you would likewise be sparing yourself a considerable measure of time and vitality that would have been used in going around unique shopping stores.

The U.S. Bank Gift Card is a prepaid card issued by U.S. Bank National Association and may be used at any vendor that acknowledges debit cards. Marking the once more of the Gift Card, utilizing the Gift Card, or permitting another person to use the Gift Card implies that you acknowledge this Agreement, and you are in charge of all transactions.

Contact Information:

Look at the steps mentioned below to get contact information.

For Customer Service Inquiries:

  • Contact number is given on the back of your card that gives you access to customer support services. Contact this number to talk a team member.
  • You can reach the support center toll-free at 1-866-952-5653 and get information about your card.
  • You can also find the information online: This Website needs the use of pop-up windows to deliver you with added information. You may not be able to see the complete information you want if you are using pop-up blocker software with your browser. Disable your pop-up blocker software to use this Website.

For Social Media Access:

Social Media will provide you access to contact customer support services. All you need to do is visit the different websites of social networking media and drop your query or message there.

You can contact by Google+ and Facebook. Follow stated below URL links to get more information.


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