Apply At The Discover To Create An Account


The sears launched a Discover card to deal with the credit card services of customers. They also offer various products and services to help financial activity of customers. If you get an invitation by mail containing the invitation number then you simply have to visit the website and fill the application form by giving the invitation number. After the approval of application you can easily get Discover card and use it anytime during shopping.


  • You are required a PC or laptop to open the website.
  • You should have an internet source.
  • It is mandatory to receive the invitation letter from Discover long with invitation number via mail.


  • Visit the official website of Discover for registration at the given link
  • Now as the website opens you will see the five bank boxes in which you are required to enter your invitation number. This will give an access to your account.
  • If you are new to the website and don’t receive an invitation number then firstly you need to register at the website by clicking on the button marked as “I can’t find invitation number” to make an account.
  • It will open the new page where you need to click on the option of “Register Now”.
  • In next step you need to fill the blanks of Primary Card member and other card information as a security that who is applying.
  • Next you need to give account number, date of birth and SSN in the given blanks and click on the orange button marked as “Next”.
  • Follow the instructions to finish the application.

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