Go to Cricket MMbox To View Multimedia Messages


Multimedia MailBox (MMBox) is actually a web mailbox messaging service gateway. If you are a provisioned subscriber of Multimedia MailBox then you can easily have an access to the mailbox and messaging service via web browser and enjoy the services. Non-subscriber of the MMBox can not avail the services of mailbox and messaging but he can login to It with one time password and will be able to view multimedia message through a multimedia viewer. It is not necessary to subscribe the service in order to view the multimedia messages, one can also do it without subscription by a simple login. It is supported by Cricket Communications.


  • You should be Cricket mobile phone user.
  • You are required to have MSISDN number and message ID for login.
  • You must have computer with the internet access.


  • Go to the web mail service portal of Cricket and the required link is www.mycricket.com/mms
  • If you are guest subscriber then you have to add your MSISDN number and the message ID, which is in your SMS message in the required space and then proceed with clicking on the “Log In” to open the MM Box.
  • You will be able to see multimedia message which you received in the multimedia viewer.
  • You can also save the message to your computer by clicking on the “Save” button.

MMBox is an online portal and it allows you to view the multimedia messages whenever and where ever you want according to your desire.


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