Visit Health Assistance and get registered with Cigna


Well, it is very important to join a company which offers you all the health related benefits to you. These days we see different companies facilitate their customers / employees with different kinds of medical assistance. Cigna is also providing the same facilities to its employees if they complete an online process they can get these facilities within no time. So, this simple and easy to understand guide is to show you the right way how to do it.

You need to complete following steps to complete the online process:-

  • You need to make sure that you have a computer with internet access to start the process.
  • You need to be a member of the Cigna and has its card with you.
  • You will be asked to provide your policy number, group plan and a valid email address to proceed with the process.
  • Now you need to open your web browser and start typing  
  • Here you need to get yourself registered first by entering the blue button which is marked as “Registered Now”.
  • At the next page you need to enter information about your membership, your policy number, your group plans and your email address.
  • You also need to provide your membership ID number, your full name and your date of birth as well.
  • After entering this information you need to enter button which is marked as “Submit”.
  • You need to select a user name and password to proceed further.
  • Now you need to enter button which is marked as “Continue”.
  • Close this page and open sign in with your email address.
  • Here you will receive an email from Cigna.
  • Open this email and click on the available link.
  • By clicking on this link you will be able to get confirmation about your registration with the Cigna.

This also includes your health insurance facility. By completing this online process you will also receive the facility of ordering your pharmacy products with email address. So do not hesitate if you can complete these formalities simply apply for benefits.

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