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My century link is a multinational company providing services in America. Its head office is in Monroe, Louisiana. If offers the opportunity of communication and data transfer among people belonging to different professions like doctors, engineers, shopkeepers, students and even the common man. Now approaching a person has been so easy like never before. You can communicate with each other as the way you want. Make a call or use television and home security services. Its different features include DSL, ATM cards, etc. You can transact your amount to your dear ones in the hour of need. You can pay your bills with our online services. You can have the latest sports and entertainment news. We are providing internet facilities to different areas and our services are increasing with time as we are increasing the number of locations in a better ways to make easiness in your dealings. Make an account on our site and enjoy the unlimited facilities we are offering.

 How to accomplish this task?

 To make an account you, just need to follow the simple steps:

  • Open the link www.mycenturylink.com
  • You will see a page having different options, click on “EMAIL” written in the end corner of the left side.
  • Now a page will open having an option of “CREATE ACCOUNT”. Click on this option.
  • Now click “NEXT”.
  • Next you have to enter your phone number in the box and click “CONTINUE”.
  • Put the details in the relevant sections and enjoy our services after “LOGGING IN” your account.

Your time is very precious and we value this activity. We appreciate you for your nice cooperation. Enjoy the services.


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