Check Balance Of Your Target Gift Card Online


Bank of Bancorp issued Target gift cards for their customers. Bank of Bancorp is also known as Target Bank and its gift card is used for authentic payments against your purchases. You can also check balance of your card anytime online. Now you don’t have to visit bank personally you can view your balance by just presenting your card number. You can get information about your card by visiting web page of “CONTACT US” or visit our online customer care center for any help or query.

What are the set of requirements to check balance of gift card online?

If you want to check balance of your target gift card you are required to have a personal computer along with internet connection available on it. Keep you card in hand and visit its official website.

What are the detailed instructions to check balance of gift card online?

  • First of all you need to visit official website of MY Balance to check your balance online.
  • Link of website is given as
  • in next step you need to provide some information as directed, enter your card number in relevant field, You can find this number printed at front of card
  • You must check the expiry date of card before proceeding with purchase of card. You need to enter information of expiry date in given field following format dd/mm/yyy
  • CVV is a number which is typed on top back side of your card, every card holder has a different number you are required to enter CVV number of your card in given field.
  • Click on button which is marked as “GO” to check balance of your card online

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