Visit Arkansas Lottery To Claim Your Prize


Arkansas Lottery is conducted by the administration and finance department. It offers the prizes to the public by filing a claim at the official website of the company.


  • You must have a PC or laptop.
  • You are required to have an internet connection.


  • Open the website of company by putting its URL in the search tab of the browser to claim the prize of yours. Follow the given link
  • As the website opens you will see a option of “Claim your prize” found on the corner of the window. By clicking on this link you will taken to another web page where you are required to give your details for claiming.
  • Before starting the procedure the user need to sign the ticket for prize. Enter your signature on the back side of ticket.
  • You must purchase the tickets for instant games and players can claim their prize up to 90 days from the last purchase date of the ticket.
  • You can claim your prize from the store which issued you the ticket. This is the easiest way.

Through Mail

  • User need to print the claim from the website.
  • Fill all the details with required information.
  • Submit the application by sending it to given postal address mentioned on the website.

Through Company Center

  • User can get the prize from the claim center.
  • You need to sign the ticket and send it to center address to claim.
  • You can claim $1 million or more through this method.

Through Retailer

  • Sign the ticket and give it to the retailer and he will pay $500 to you.
  • User need to show your identification to the retailer like US passport copy or ID card picture to win the prize.

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