Access MY A&P To Study Books Online


MY A&P allows teachers and students to access various books, self-assessment quiz and other interactive learning activities. All material is well organized and cited on website.By registering at MY A&P you can avail all books related to Human physiology and analysis. Process of registration is not time consuming it will only take your 5-10 minutes to finish the process of registration. My A&P is providing courses online with trusted resources of information and media to study physiology of analysis under single platform.

What are requirements to register to study books online?

  • You need to have a personal computer
  • You are required to have internet connection

 What is the procedure to register to study books online?

  • First of all you need to visit official website of MY A&P at
  • In next step you need to find a button which is marked as “Register” located on left side of web page.
  • Select the book which you want to read by clicking on it. In next step you need to read privacy policy and agreement of license with great care and click on check box to assure that you have accepted the terms and conditions.
  • In next step you need to create your User name and password in required fields as directed. Make sure password should be of minimum 8 digits or characters.
  • You are required to enter Access code in mentioned field as directed and click on button which is marked as “Next”
  • You need to provide your account details in relevant fields as mentioned and click on button which is labeled as “Next”. In last step you need to confirm your details.

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