Register Merrill Lynch Mortgage Loan Account Online


The Merrill Lynch, an American bank offers its customers the best financial plans such as loans and mortgage, but after online account, they could get the updates about this service.


There are some simple steps of registering a new account on the website.

  • You must enter the to open the webpage which contains the form for the user account.
  • The page has two options, one is for the registered users and other is for the unregistered members. If you need to check the updates of this service on the account, then simply login in with the details like username and password and get the notifications from the company for the application.
  • The new users, should go to the “Register” option to create a new user account with this option as you can’t avail this service without the registered account on this website.
  • Once the user gets the account, they could easily access the status of this service. So, you need to enter the information like First name and Last name first in the fields.
  • The next three boxes are given for the entry of the SSN number. The 9 digits are entered in a sequence which is required on the places.
  • Give the loan number or the lead number in the next box. This would be written on the documents which would be given by the company as a paper statement after accepting the application of the loan.
  • Create the 6 character long user name of your choice. The username contains no space between the characters.
  • Create 7-14 characters long password. This information should be based on the number, 1 letter and no repeating of the characters as it is case sensitive.
  • Repeat this password again in the “Re-Enter” field for the confirmation of this information. It will secure your information more from the theft.
  • The email address is the required data of the last field which will be the media of getting updates or notifies about the features of your applied loan or mortgage options from the company.
  • The “submit” button is to complete the form.

If the email is correct, you would soon get the confirmation about the further instructions from the company.


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