Accessing The Drivers & Vehicles Services In Order To Check The DL Status


Driving license is very necessary, infect it is compulsory nowadays if you are out there driving anywhere in the world. There are some different categories of driving licenses. For example a bike license, motor car license or commercial vehicle license. These licenses can be divided into four categories as “A” to “D”. So there are some differences of these licenses. These licenses are issued for a specific time and has expiry date written on it. So you have to get renew your license in-time. If you are not having driving license and you want to get your license there is a simple procedure from where you can get you license. You can get the all the details online too and you also can check status of your license online. The first question which clicks in your mind will be what the procedure of that is.

How to check the status online?

For checking of your license the procedure is very simple which is stated below:

  • Just visit our official page
  • There you will see different options on the left side of your screen
  • Chose your option.
  • If you want to check your driving license status just clicks on “DL Status”.
  • After you click that a new window will open enter your “MN DL number” and click on get record button.
  • Here you will get your driving license status within seconds.

People always get frustrated waiting in the line for renewal of their driving licenses. So it is far easy, simple and better way to get it renewed online if possible. It also save your time and fuel as well in the shape of travelling. After you complete the whole process, you have to pay $1.75 for your online transactions. This amount can be transferred by your Master/Visa card and in cash via selected bank branches also.


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