Access Mapquest To Find The Directions


Mapquest is a website which offers internet users an online means of navigating their location. This website was designed by an American company AOL in 1996 and has been able to provide its services to the customers all over the world. Mapquest can also be found in a number of play stores so that cell phone users can use these applications in accordance with the requirements and compatibility of their mobile operating systems. This website is styled as mQ to show an abbreviated version of the initials with which its name starts. Mapquest also had a division which used to print and sell maps. This division was sold in 2006 so that it can give more time to its online applications.


You can find directions to different places using the official mapquest website by following the steps which are given below:

  • Open the official website of this company where you can locate directions to different areas. This website is
  • In the navigation bar in left window pane, enter the address of location for which you want to search, the business details etc. you can also locate a Disney world location using this map.
  • Click the search button to find the location on map displayed in big right hand side screen.
  • You can get directions from one location to another by clicking the “Get directions” option.
  • Enter the location of point A and point B in the provided spaces.
  • You can also search for transit directions, bicycle directions, or walking directions by selecting the respective option from the main menu in the left window pane.

You can also add a shop or observe the round trip or reverse direction by clicking the “Get directions” button.


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