Get Registered With Macy’s To Collect Rewards


Macy’s has been doing the business of clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items since 1958. It has its stores are more than 800 different locations of the United States. The retailer is a big success and it has kept its complete focus on the customers to serve them by providing the customized services. Customers can get many online services as well. The objective of these services is to make them available for the customers outside the country.

Macy’s Star Rewards

Star Rewards is one of the online services that the company offers through which the rewards are given to the customers so that they collect them for shopping on their Macy’s Express card. The card becomes more significant with these rewards as the customers can avoid keeping cash amount with them which is not considered to be safe. To get the American Express Card you can register online. After getting the card, you can win rewards of the company and better options for shopping.


  • A computer or a laptop will be required.
  • Access to the quick speed internet.
  • You must be the US citizen.
  • You should be at least of 21 years of age.

Follow The Simple Steps

  • Open the Macy’s website to register for the Macy’s Express card and get rewards
  • Click on “Skip intro” on the home page.
  • The next page will open where you have to click on the “Register Your Card” tab.
  • Now you will get a form, you have to fill it completely for the creation of the Macy’s profile.
  • The form will demand your name (both first and the last), address, city, zip code, state, password and email address.
  • Then choose a security question to make the account secure and answer it.
  • Select your date of birth and gender.
  • Then decide that whether you need the notifications through mail or a text message.
  • At the end, type your SSN and press the “Create Profile” button.
  • Now you may manage your Macy’s card and get rewards for shopping as well.

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