Access Laworks To File Unemployment Claims


The Louisiana Workforce Commission which is also abbreviated as LWC is a government certified department of Louisiana which offers different programs and plans for the employment of the citizens of this area. This department trains all the citizens of this state for the job opportunity for which they are applying and timely payment for their work.

The department has a specified budget by the government of the United States of America so that it’s functioning and operations keep going smoothly. This department also surveys the employment and unemployment rates of the state from time to time and tries to decrease the unemployment rate.


You can file an unemployment claim by visiting the official website of this department and following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the official web link where this department offers different services, this website is
  • On the top right corner of the website in the three columns of options. Click the first option in the right most column, which is “unemployment insurance”.
  • Read the procedure of filing the claim. You can also click the “Businesses” option in the main menu bar and click the “Unemployment insurance” button to proceed to the claim.
  • You can download the application form of unemployment claim and fill it. This form can later be sent to the respective department in order to get the officials notified about your current situation.
  • You can also download the PDF files for different other forms.
  • In addition to these files, you can also view different benefits and their charges on this page.

You can contact the company’s staff in case if you face trouble while undergoing any of the steps given above.

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