Search A Job At Online Link Of New York Department Of Labor


New York government is considering the unemployed individuals and providing them a path by leading to which, they can get employment opportunities. If you are looking for a job in New York, you can find it through the online facility provided by the government of the state.

You can go to the website that has been specifically made for this purpose. Any particular area can be searched on the website and then job can be selected that is being searched by you as the most suitable one. You cannot only apply for the job at the website but also unemployed persons may apply for the assistance as well.

The projects of the government that are being run, can also be seen. You can apply for them too if you consider something of your interest there.

How can you find the job?

  • To access career portal of New York Department of labor you are required to open official website on given URL link
  • After accessing website you are supposed to find a tab which is labeled as “Find a Job” once you have got the option hit a click on it.
  • This click will bring another window where you will find list of available methods to find job cited under the section of “Start Your Job Search”.
  • Let’s assume that you selected the option of “Current Opening” which will take you to another web page where you have to select keyword for your job to explain the nature of job and in next field input name of city where you want to do job.
  • Select category of job from available options including occupations, military, company and Job ID.
  • Click on blue button which is labeled as “Find job” located on right corner of web page.
  • This click will show you a list of all open positions. Now you have to select any job which suits you best in all terms.
  • Read all description, requirements and specification of job with great care and click on button of “Apply”.
  • If you are an existing member then you have log in to proceed with your job application else you are supposed to create a candidate profile by following on screen guides to register.

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