Access Lab Corp And Pay Your Bills Online


Sometimes we need some medicines which are used in our routine life and it remains in our home or office. Nowadays there are some platforms available which offers online booking and home delivery services. LabCorp is one of them and providing very good facilities.

You can pay your bills online by accessing the LabCorp after completing the following process:-

  • If you are not able to go to LaCorp and want to pay your bill sitting at home, this whole process is simple and will not take more than 5 minutes to complete.
  • The whole process is online and you will need a computer and internet connection to carry on the process.
  • You need a copy of your bill to pay the bill. This bill contains different information which will help you to make online payment.
  • You need to visit the LabCorp’s official website to start the process i.e. Here you can pay your bills accordingly.
  • If you are a new user you need to sign in first.
  • Create your ID by completing some easy steps and start the online billing process.
  • You need to provide some personal information to proceed.
  • Enter receipt / invoice number which is located at your purchased receipt.
  • Provide your Zip code and enter sign in button to proceed further with the process.
  • You need to select the type of billing and press “Continue” button.
  • You had paid your bill and now you can log out with your account.

Online billing has made our life very easy and it also saves our precious time because we do not need to go anywhere to purchase anything and make the payments accordingly.

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