Access Kohl’s To Activate Kohl’s Charge Card


Kohl’s charge card is a kind of credit card to assist customers for better shopping experience. Kohl is providing account holder to access the process of card activation. To activate your card you must have your account and personal details in hand. Process of card activation is simple and it will not take hardly 10 minutes to activate a card.

Requirements to activate card

  • You must have a computer system with internet accessibility.
  • You must have a Kohl’s charge card handy.

Procedure to activate card

  • Firstly, Open an official website to activate your charge card at
  • You are required to click on option of ’Activation your account.’’ it will take you to login screen of ‘’My Kohl’s Charge’’.
  • If you are not having kohl’s account before you need to hit a click on button of ‘’Register for an account, under section of ‘’My Kohl’s Charge’’
  • You have to click on ‘’Activation Card’’ positioned at top left side of website. This click will take you to screen of“Card Activation’’
  • You are supposed to provide 12-digit card number in ‘’Account Verification Information’’
  • Provide your last 4 digit of Social Security number in the relevant box.
  • You need to click on button of “Continue” and follow the directions to complete the process of activation.



With Charge credit card you can manage your account with facility to check your transaction history, make online payments and keep record of entries.

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