Take Part In JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey


JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey is initiated to measure the progress and performance of store through a set of questionnaire. Being a customer you have to share your opinions and suggestions about JC Penney which will help us to find out in which department further improvement is needed and what is the current level of satisfaction of customers.

Don’t hesitate while expressing your experience just be open and let us know how you feel at JC Penney.

Set of Requirements:

  • You need to have a computer along with internet connection
  • You have to visit JC Penney store and keep its sales receipt in hand.
  • You need to visit website of JC Penney.

Set of Guides:

  • You are required to visit official website of JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey at given link www.jcpenney.com/survey
  • You are supposed to click on button which is marked as “click here” to select language of your choice either English or Spanish.
  • In next step you need to enter code of 22 digits in required text box which you get find from your JC Penney receipt and click on button of “Continue”
  • Later, you are supposed to share your experience by giving answers to formulated questions, follow on screen instructions to finish the process of survey.
  • For further help or query you are required to click the link


Being a customer of JC Penney you are required to participate in customer satisfaction survey to improve quality of services.

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