Access Mercer Securities Investment Plan For Online Investment


Mercer is actually a consulting firm which aims at better human resources and its related financial services. Mercer provided a service of online investment in Mercer Securities Investment Plan. You are required to enter your enrollment materials in order to access the Mercer Securities account. When once you are approved then you will be granted an initial login information. Further you can make a new username and password to open your Mercer Securities Investment Plan account. When you get an access to your Mercer account then now you are able to enjoy the benefits of it like you can manage your investment in many ways.


  • You need a computer or other related system with the internet connection.
  • You must have an initial username and password issued by Mercer Securities.


  • Open Mercer Securities Investment Plan Center webpage at the given link
  • Add the initial username and password in the required fields which is given to you by Mercer.
  • Now you are required to make a new username and password for Mercer Securities Investment Plan account.
  • Make three security Questions and tick the button labeled as “Finish”.
  • Read the terms and conditions of Mercer Securities Investment Plan use at the given link
  • For more details and information about Mercer Securities Investment Plan visit the given link

Mercer Securities Investment Plan account permits you to select list of investments forms like kinds of bonds, mutual funds and stocks.


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