Get Green Dot Prepaid Card Online


Green Dot Corporation is one of the most famous companies which offer financial services for its customers by issuing the credit and debit cards of their own choice. It also provides other financial services to its customers such as provision of different types of bank accounts, pay checks and many others. It started offering its services in 1999 and has been able to maintain its reliable status since then. It is head quartered in California, U.S. and has its outlets all over the world. This company’s CEO, Steve Streit, has a mission of maintaining its high quality services all over its stores.


You can get a credit card from this company by following the steps that are mentioned in following order:

  • Open the official website of this company where you can access the greendot website which is
  • On the top of this website, a blue button having title “Get a card” is located. Click this button to proceed.
  • You have to select the card type and insert all of the details which are required here to register the card. This may include your financial information, personal details and other registration requirements.
  • The company offers its cards only in specific areas and cannot be activated from a region where you do not have access to this service.
  • This card can only be registered from an area inside the United States of America.
  • The system detects IP address of your system and based on this IP address, finds out your location.

You can ask the company’s staff for help if you are facing trouble regarding this registration procedure.


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