Change Payment Mode To Federal Benefit Electronic Payment


The U.S. Department of Treasury pass an order for all recipients of federal benefit to change their payment mode to electronically payments instead of paper check. If currently you are using paper check mode at federal benefits then you are highly recommended to switch your payment mode to federal benefit electronic payments. In case you are having saving accounts then you can choose service of direct deposit else choose option of Direct Express card. You can change your payment mode easily online by accessing its website


  • You need to have a computer with internet connection
  • You must be getting payments via paper check of federal benefits.
  • You must keep 12 digit federal benefit check number along with total amount of your recent benefit check
  • Visit website of Go Direct

Step-By-Step Guide

  • You need to visit website of Go Direct at given link
  • In next step you need to find link of “Switch Now” located under the block of US Treasury Requiring Electronic Federal Benefit Payment, once you have find the link click on it.
  • You need toselect a way either you want to choose option of direct deposit or direct express prepaid debit card.
  • Click on option of “Get Direct Deposit” if you are having a bank account. Provide all required information for sign up by following instructions provided on website.
  • In case you are not having bank account click on option of “Get the Direct Express Card” similarly follow on screen instructions to apply for Direct Express Debit Master Card.
  • For any help or information you need to visit given link

Electronic payment mode is more reliable method than paper checks. Follow the above cited instructions to change your payment mode.


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