Access Fordowner To Check Your Rebates


It is a multinational auto mobile company which gives the car parts and cars and its administrations incorporate auto financing, vehicle benefit alongside the vehicle renting

It is established in June 16, 1903 and presented the techniques for huge scale assembling of autos and administration of mechanical workforce utilizing the designed assembling successions and these systems got to be exceptionally acclaimed around the World with the name of Fordism. Ford has in excess of 100 years of involvement in the auto business and business as the first publically accessible autos were displayed by the Ford and the dispatch was an incredible hit.


  • A Pc or a Smartphone with internet access.
  • You should have used ford service earlier.


  • Login to and you should go to the Ford site at the discount cases page.
  • Once you’ve logged in to the site you can see a banner “Getting your rebates” Click on that and
  • Once the page is loaded you need to enter the date of service and also VIN number and hit continue.
  • Follow the instructions for rest of the process and you are done.
  • If you need any help you can also contact ford support team.


The significant profit of documenting a Ford discount is that you are getting cash back only for purchasing a Ford item or administration. Likewise, the methodology of recording your case is straightforward and snappy. You can do the entire thing online and afterward you will get a notice in your email, before getting your refund check.

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