Access And Get Your Food Handler Card


If you are in United States of America and are employee of any of food restaurants, it is must to get training of food handler. By visiting and registering yourself with the Food Handler you can get your card by just accessing and applying online. It is necessary to get the training within the 30 days of starting of your job with any of restaurant chain.

Complete the following process and get your Food Handler Card:-

  • You must need to have a computer with available internet connection.
  • You need to provide some of your personal information.
  • Now you need to open your web browser and start typing
  • You can see the “BEGIN TRAINING” button under Get Started Now in the orange form that is placed on the left side of the Food Handler official page.
  • Hit that “BEGIN TRAINING” button and you will be at a new page where you will see a blue map with different regions and you are required to click the one region or state of your concern
  • Now on the new page for the Food Handler Program, you will be able to see different courses and guides.
  • Select the one appropriate course/guide by the Food Handler by clicking the orange “ADD TO SHOPPING CART” button.
  • Now, just need to log in with your Food Handler ID & password to complete the procedure.

It is more than important to get this training if you are planning to work in any of restaurant in United States of America. And just to give you the best assistance for your job, you can easily copy all the above simple and the easy to attempt steps in order to get the Food Handler training right now.

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