Access Express Scripts And Activate Pharmacy Program


Well, medical problems are increased these days due to changing environments and most of us use to go different hospitals and clinics for medications. There are so many medical stores and pharmacies are working around our surrounding areas and doing good job. One of them is Express Scripts and has more than 1000 branches across the area. They are using TRICARE’s services to deliver your medicines at your door step. Basically they are Express Scripts contractor to provide this facility to their users. Sometimes it is not necessary to purchase your medicines in emergency, you can get this facility to buy and ask them to deliver it to your home.

Now you can activate this Pharmacy program by accessing the Express Scripts after doing the following needful:-

  •  You must have a computer with internet connection to avail this facility.
  • You need to have a Sponser’s ID number.
  • You need to have a valid email address.
  • Now you can start the process by visiting the Express Scripts webpage
  • On the main page of this link you will see a button marked with “Activate your Account”.
  • Enter this button to continue further.
  • On the next step you will need to provide your personal information. After this you need to enter “Next” button to proceed further.
  • You need to accept the terms and conditions of the company to finish the whole process.


They provide home delivery facility of their pharmacy products. By using this facility you will also receive your purchased medicines at your home without any extra charges. Enrolling to this platform is very easy and free as well. After enrolling with Express Scripts you will get different benefits free of cost.

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