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EBT Edge is a service provided by FIS which is also known as Fidelity National Information Services centers. This company has been active in providing financial bank based solutions, software products and services, technological products and many more. This company started offering its services in 2006 and coordinated with Certegy Incorporation to create FIS during its first year. The company faced a controversial issue of a worker stealing an amount of more than 2 million consumer records from the company’s database. The company faced privacy issues and was filed a law suit in 2007 due to this problem.


You can login to your EBT Edge account by following the steps which are given in the sequence as under:

  • Open the website where you can login to EBT EDGE that is www.ebtedge.com
  • A list of login options is displayed on left side window pane. This list includes the card holder login, merchant login, provider login, admin login and others. Click the login option where you have registered you account.
  • Each login option asks you to enter different details to sign into your account. If you are a card holder, enter your EBT card number which is given at the center of your electronic EBT card.
  • You can login to ant other account by entering your user ID and password. You can register an account if you do not have one by going to the registration screen.
  • If you face trouble while logging in, you can click the assistance link on lower side of the sign in window.

You can also read more details about the services offers by EBT Edge in the “About EBT” link provided on left window.


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