Renew Your Pennsylvania Driving License Online


The driver’s license of Pennsylvania gets expired after every 4 years therefore it needs to be renewed. The license must be renewed earlier than the expiry date which depends on the issuance or renewal of your license. Generally, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation send the notice for the renewal of the license when there are 3 months left in the expiry.

When your license get expired, you can decide to renew it either by sending the form through mail or follow an online procedure that can be more convenient as compared to the former. The procedure can be followed simply by visiting the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website.

The things you will need?

The renewal process through the online source is not difficult and also it will not take your much time. During that, you will need a computer that should be connected with an internet of fast speed. You will need your driving license as you are going to be asked about the license number written on it. Moreover, you will need a printer and your debit card or credit card through which you will be able to pay your license renewal fee.


What steps should be followed?

  • Open the link that is going to open for you the page from where the renewal procedure for the driver’s license begins.
  • Some tabs can be found at the top of your screen which are blue in color. One of them is the “Online Services”. Hold the cursor at that option.
  • A list will appear from which choose “License/ID Services to click.
  • On the next page an option to Login with some boxes will be shown which needs to be filled by providing your correct information in required areas.
  • You have to provide your photo ID or License number of 8 digits that is written on the driver’s license.
  • Enter your DOB and also the 4 digits that are at the end of the social security number.
  • When all the information is entered, you will then click on “Login”. When such information is added, click on the “Login” button. Now after login, a request for the renewal of license can be done.

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