Manage Your Dish Network Account


Dish network launches an online account management service for its customers. It permits its users to pay bills online, mange your device, restart your services, get HD services, order per-view and check your referrals.


  • You are required to have a computer with the internet facility.
  • You should already be a subscriber of Dish network.
  • You would be eligible for registration if you provide your 16 digit account number or 10 digit receiver ID. 10 digit receivers ID is present in your System Info Screen which you can check by double pressing the menu by your remote control. 16 digit account number can either be on your Dish network statement or in your sales confirmation email.


  • Visit the webpage of Dish network to manage your account online. Follow the given link
  • If you are already a user of Dish network then you simply need to enter your ID and password and click the “Login” button to open your account.
  • For new users it is recommended to create their account first. For creating new account you need to tick on button labeled as “Create online ID”. Add your 16 digit account number or10 digit receiver ID and then follow the instructions to finish the registration procedure.
  • After completion of registration process you are required to enter your ID and password to “Login” your account.
  • Now you are able to view your account information online and manage your account profile.

Dish network account allows managing your account information and viewing your profile online.


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