Visit Dish Network To Select My Channels


Dish network is actually a company which provides the TV channels to its customers. It was established in 1996 and its head office is located in Meridian, Colorado, United States. This network allows the customers to select the channels which they want to see by themselves. Customers are not forced to watch the already selected channels by the company. Customers can also block the unwanted channels. Customer can select the package or design it by himself. Follow the given guidelines to select My Channels via Dish Network.


  • You require a PC, laptop or any other relevant system.
  • You should have fast internet connection.


  • Go to the given link to open the website for choosing the channels.
  • Give the zip code and select your dish networking program package.
  • Click on the button labeled as “Submit”. In next step you have to pick your provider from the given options of satellite or local provider.
  • You will be shown a complete list of TV channels and you are given an opportunity to set the channels of your choice from the list.
  • Follow the instructions and get access to the packages, select an already present package or design your own package. But in case you make your own package then you have to pay according to the company’s demand.
  • After selecting the package either calls the operator to inform about the selected package or secondly you can send them mail.
  • Another possible way is that you can sign up and change the package online.

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