Create Dade Schools Parent Account


If your child is studying in Dade School then you can create your parent account at its official website. This account will help you to monitor the performance of your child, fix appointments with his professors, and get his progress report on monthly and weekly basis only after accessing your parent account.


  • Open official website of Dade School in order to create a parent profile at
  • Visit the bottom right corner of web page and find a link of “Parents” located under the head of portal
  • Click on option of “Parents” it will display another window where you are required to click on option of “Create an Account” located at the bottom of web page
  • In next step you need to choose which type of account you want to have either community or parent, being a parent you need to click on tab of “Parent” located at left side of window.
  • You are required to read Acceptable policy from start to end and later click on radio button of “I Agree”
  • Click on button of “Next” located at the bottom of window.
  • You will get a parent portal Account registration web page. You need to add parent First name, middle and last name in relevant empty blanks in Number 1 section.
  • In number two section, you need to provide a powerful password of 8 characters in field.
  • Re-enter the password to confirm it.
  • In Third number section, You have to enter your E-mail ID twice in given blanks or if you don’t have any E-mail ID click on check box “I don’t have E-mail ID”
  • In Fourth section, for security purpose you need to enter code from given image in relevant blank.
  • Click on button of “Register” located at the bottom of web page.

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