Create The Georgia Mycompass Account And Apply For Online Benefit


Well, the Georgia My Compass is offering you the online public assistance benefits services in Georgia, and you can apply online if you want the online benefit services. You can apply online for the TANF, Medicaid, Child Care, Food Stamps and the Parent Services (CAPS). If you are a new user here, and you don’t know how to apply online, then let me tell you how you can do it. It will take about 8 to 10 minutes, and all you need is your PC and the internet connection.


You have to meet the following criteria.

If you are applying for Medical Coverage:

  • Applicant must be the age of 19-64
  • Are not blind
  • Are not pregnant
  • Have no children under 19 living with you
  • Are not physically challenged

Creating The Account To Apply For The Online Benefit:

  • To create the account to use and take advantages, you will need to follow the below steps.
  • To access your account, click the link.
  • Now, you will find yourself at the official website.
  • Now, you will see different pictures on the web page, and there is an “Apply For Benefits” option that is positioned second among all pictures.
  • Click on that “Apply For Benefits” picture.
  • Now, you will be on a new page where you will find see some information. Read it and click the “Next” button accordingly.
  • Now, you will be asked to select one option among a few.
  • Select “Create An Account” and click “Next” button.
  • Now, follow the rest of the steps and instructions to complete the process.
  • There are four steps to setting up a secure account.
  • Step one: you need to provide your name in the first section of this application.
  • Type your first name.
  • Enter your middle initial.
  • Type your last name.
  • Step two: you have to create a User ID and password for your account.
  • Enter your user ID. It must be of 6 to 15 letters.
  • Create a password with 8 to 15 characters.
  • Re-type your password.
  • Step three: you need to choose and answer a secret question.
  • Click the down arrow to select a question.
  • Type your answer in given space. You will use this information if you ever need to recover your password.
  • You will need to enter exact answer if you lose your password, so write down the answer you give and keep them in a safe place.
  • Step four: it relates to user acceptance agreement. Press the link that states “Click Here” on the registration page to read the agreement. Check the box to accept you have read and agreed to user acceptance agreement.
  • When done, click on “Create Account” button.

In this way, you can access the official website to apply for the online benefits. It will take about 10 minutes to finish the process, and you can follow the mentioned steps given above to do it easily.

Once you create your account, you can save your application in your account. You can return and continue to complete it. You will not lose your data if anything happens before you complete the application because your account is saving your information. You can view application status anytime and upload any necessary documents.

To Work On The Previous Form You Have Already Stated:

Choose the “Keep Working On An Application That You Have Already Started” radio button.

  • You will access the user portal by choosing the option.
  • You have to log in to your account.
  • Input the requested data and fill out required fields.
  • Provide user ID and password associated with your account.
  • Click “Login” button and start working on an application you have previously stated

Log in now to view information about your benefits. It is a fast and convenient way for you to get information online about human services and health. You can renew your benefits or report a change to your local agency online using your account. If you have used a user ID and keyword to submit an application online, you cannot use these login credentials to access benefits account. You have to create IDs to access the relevant information.

You are working on a secure website, by law, the company will keep your information private and safe and never share or rent your data to third parties.

Contact Information:

Contact Online Service by calling at 1-877-423-4746 if you have questions about this application. You can also use the same number to get information about the resources in your area.

For Hearing Impairment:

Contact GA Relay by calling at 1-800-255-0135 to get assistance about hearing damage.

All these services are free.

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