Access Comcast To Upgrade Your Digital Box For Free


 Now you can enjoy more than 3000 HD channels of high visual quality, perfect audio features with channel on demand feature only by upgrading your Comcast with digital box television. You don’t have to pay any charges for upgrading process it’s totally free.


  • You need to have a computer with internet access
  • You must be a subscriber of Comcast television.
  • you need to visit website of Comcast

 Steps of Instruction:

  •  First of all turn on your computer open internet explorer and type URL of Comcast in address bar i.e. in order to activate Comcast digital Now box
  • In next phase you are required to find a section which is marked as “Comcast online account number” after finding you need to enter your account number in given field and click on button which is marked as “Start”
  • This click will take you to another web page of order digital box equipmentvia Comcast to upgrade and activate it.
  • You are required to select your equipment and access self-installed option to begin the process.
  • Now you need to remove your old Comcast cable digital box in order to replace it with new digital box along with cable service and TV.
  • If you are having HD Box and HD Television then you need to plug in HDMI cable in box.



If you are running Comcast then you can upgrade it with digital box television for free in order to access 3000 channels and much more.

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