Access Comcast To Activate The Cable Box Online


Comcast is a company in America which offers various services and products related with the technology, communications, information and entertainment. Its head office is in Philadelphia, PA, USA. One can easily activate his cable box by going through the given guides. One can enjoy the extra services by this activation.


  • User need to have a computer or any other system.
  • User must have the internet facility.
  • User requires the account number.


  • Access the official website of company by following the given link
  • As the website opens you will see the self activation page whose first step is authentication. In case you are already an existing member on the website then you have to enter the account number in the first blank.
  • During typing the account number one must keep it in mind that he can only add the numeric digits 13, 14 and 16 in the given box.
  • You can easily find the account number on your activation card. It is also written on receipt of “Self Install Kit”.
  • You can also locate it on your bill. In the next step add your ten digit contact number in the given blank. Give the same number which you provided at the time of account filing.
  • Give your home phone number followed by entering your cell number in the given blanks.
  • Click on the button marked as “Next” and company will give you the permission to activate the box.
  • Hit the button entitled as “Activate” and installation will be started.

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