Enter To Citibank’s Customer Survey To Get $1k


Most of us do have different types of account in different banks. There are so many banks available and had their different methods also. More or less banks are the place where we find our money and our some other assets safe. Due to security issues we cannot keep money in cash with us. So the bank is only place where we can trust. These days almost every bank is online and we do not need to withdraw our money from our bank branch infect now we can withdraw our money from different bank’s branch as well due to ATM and other facilities. Citibank is one of the most famous and good bank in all aspects. There are always few areas which needs attention and improvement. To improve further there is an online platform which is called “Online customer satisfaction survey” available.

 There are some basic needs to follow before your start your survey:-

  •  A computer which is connected with internet connection.
  • You should be an account holder of the Citibank.
  • Any of your bank receipt.

 Step by step guide is as under:-

  •  Visit Citibank’s official survey website i.e. www.citibank-listens.com.
  • Click on survey button. A new page will open.
  • Enter your receipt number carefully.
  • Enter date and time of your last visit of the bank. This is on your receipt.
  • On the next page you will see some questions. Answer those questions honestly.
  • After answering the entire questions press “Submit” button to complete the survey.

 It will take maximum of 10 minutes to complete the online survey but these ten or so minutes are very precious to us and will guide us to further improve our facilities. You also can win a prize of $1k by participating in online survey.


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