Win Olympic Throw By Joining The Canadian Tire Contest


The Canadian tire doesn’t only offers you the best products and services to its category, but it is also involved in offering you the promotions and the contests time to time to make a statement of care with their clients regularly. The Canadian Tire Contest can be taken by the Canadian Tire customers anytime and they can win Olympic through by participating in the contest right from the comforts of their homes as well. If you are a Canadian Tire customer, then you can sign up at their official website where you will be getting the latest updates about their promotions and services upgrades by the email and I net that will really help. So, this guide is to show you the right way to move ahead and register for the Canadian Tire account where you will be getting the regular important updates including winning the Olympic through as well.

How to do?

So, getting registered to get the latest updates including the Olympic through contest, you ought to be visiting the official website of the Canadian Tire and to do it, follow the simple directions bellow:

  • Click the link and that will be considered as the first process among the few (all).
  • Now, that is the official Canadian Tire web page and here you see the “Sign In” link with the clipart at top-right corner.
  • Click that and you are at a page where on your left side, you will see the “Create Account +” button and clicking that button means that you are setting up to register for your Canadian Tire account.
  • Now, all things you need is t provide the just Email & Passwords (enter & re-enter) and hit the “continue” button to complete the process of the registration

The Canadian Tire registration process is just as easy as above and you will be getting the regular important updates by the Canadian Tire one logged in.


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