Access Calwin And Get Benefits


Well, it is very important to know what benefits we can get from our state. Sometimes we do not know the benefits we are eligible because of our less knowledge. If you are in California you can use CalWIN platform to know and get different benefits you may be eligible. You just need to take part in online process to forward your online application.

The question is how you can apply for benefits with CalWIN; here are the detailed instructions:-

  • You need a computer with internet access to start the online process.
  • You need to be a legal resident of any of the California’s state.
  • You need to have a email ID.
  • Now you can start the process by simply visiting the CalWIN’s official website i.e.
  • Here you will see a blue button which is marked as “Start Here”. Enter this button to see the different benefits which are available in your state / country.
  • You need to select your country first so you can see the different benefits.
  • After this you will find yourself on next page, here you have to select the benefits you want to obtain.
  • If you had selected a benefit and are agree with the terms and conditions you need to enter “Click Here” button.
  • Now you need to enter “Apply for Benefits” button.
  • You are a new user so you need to create your user ID and password.
  • Create your online account as instructed by the website by providing different information.
  • Now you need to provide ‘Finish” button to complete the online process.

If you are still facing any difficulty to complete the online process you can get help from the same website and also by calling on different numbers provided at this website. Feel free to contact and get more details.

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