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The BAM is the United States discount store of the bags, clothing and other items.

Guideline to Enroll

The consumer, who need to buy the company products online,could enroll for the new account on the company website. The steps are simple and follow as mentioned below:

  • Check the website url on your browser of the company for the online shopping.
  • The link will show the results of the different products and the services which are offered by the company to its users. You need to check at the corner of the window, the “Sign in” option, which has the registration option as well.
  • The new window will open the login and the enrolling forms for the customers who want to be the member of the company. If they click on the sign in for filling the fields in the login details, they need to give the username and the password to start their shopping online.
  • The new members will check in to the link “Setup a New Account” to provide their details in the form fields which will create a new account online.
  • Enter the email address in the field which is given. The email address should be accurate to receive the notifications or the company emails for the user.
  • Enter the four character long password in the field. This password will protect your account from the third party and it will secure all the data information which you entered in this account.
  • Confirm this password field again by re-typing the data. This re-typing will properly secure your data on the field.
  • Give the account first name which shows your identification of this new account,. Your account will be named with this name selection field.
  • Give the last name of your name which also identifies your account which you would use for the online shopping in the company products.
  • End the process, after entering all the information by clicking on the “Continue New account Sign up”.

The customer could save these details on their computers by choosing the Remember Me option which is always given for the fields.


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