Join Books A Million For The Online Book Purchase


The Books A Million is the store for the Toys, Books and other items, which are offered to the U.S residents.

Steps to Enroll

The new members could easily join the company account, by following the steps which are given in a sequence below:

  • Visit the link to get the information for the new account for the online shopping on the company website.
  • The web page has many other options, which are given for the new and the old members related to the company products and the services. They could also check the offers which are made for the customer convenience.
  • On the right corner, of the web page, click on the “Account” button, which will display the login and the enrollment form for the members. If the member is already a user of this website, they could simply provide the login details to access the online shopping facility.
  • Click on the “Setup A New Account” as the option given on the website, under the New Customer option.
  • The new page, has displayed the certain fields which are mandatory to enter with the valid data information as required. Enter the email address, which is active in the first option. The email address should be active to receive the company emails and the newsletters in case of new deals and the offers sent by the company.
  • Give the password to your user account, which should be at least four characters long. The password should be unique as it is case-sensitive.
  • Re- enter the account password to confirm the user account information and the security of this user account on this company’s website. This will protect the user account.
  • Enter the first name in the field. The name should be valid, as it will identify the user account and would be used for the more information sent by the company at this user account.
  • Enter the Last name in the last field. The names are the identification of the user account on this company account.
  • Click on the “continue new account setup” to complete the process of the enrollment on this website.

The user could also save their login information for the future use, but it is not recommended to the public computers.


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