Register Yourself Through An Easy Process With The California Board OF Equalization


California Board of Equalization directs the activities related to the tax and fee programs that are being collected as the funds from the state tax payers. You can create your account with the Board of Equalization and it can be registered online very easily. All you have to provide the necessary information depending on the transaction if it is for the personal use or there is any business activity you want to register for. The information to be entered may be dependent on the permit, license or the type of account.

How can you register?

In the registration of the account, a computer will be required that must have an internet connection.

  • The first step you need to take is to open your browser and visit the website that will take you to the main page of the BOE website.
  • At the upper left corner, “Login” button is present which is to be clicked and user ID along with password is to be entered if an account is already made otherwise click on “New Registration”.
  • On the next page where details of the registration are present. Click on the blue tab saying “Register a business activity with BOE”. Clicking there will open another page containing the declaration of the content. Read the content and click on “Accept”.
  • When you click on that button, a form will appear in front of you. Provide all the important information you are asked to give that is the part of your registration.
  • The form will contain the information like your name, user ID, email address, password and you have to select a security question which can be used any time in case of forgetting the password.
  • Further questions will include the type of business to be registered and the role you have in it. After providing all the necessary things, you have to click on “Next”. You can find it at the bottom of the page.
  • Complete your registration procedure by following the instructions and run your Board of Equalization account whenever you require it.

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