Register At Belk Credit Card By GE Capital To Pay The Bill


Belk Credit Card in cooperation with GE Capital Retail Bank gives rewards cards to its customers for special savings. Customer can select Belk Rewards Card, Belk Elite Card and Belk Premier Card. Its gives 35 savings days per year like special financing, hassle-free returns and flex pay pans without receipt. You can pay your bill, activate your card, check your balance and points earned and can also sign up for electronic statements.

Requirements :

  • You must have a computer or any other related device.
  • You must have an access to internet.
  • You should have Belk Credit Card by GE Capital account number.

Stepwise Instructions:

Follow the given instructions to submit your payment:

  • Visit the registration link to register yourself at GE Capital to pay the credit card bill.
  • On completion of registration you need to login at the Card Member Login. Visit the given link
  • When you login your account you need to click on the option marked as “Pay Bill”.
  • In the next step all you need to do is enter your bank information in the respected fields.
  • In the last step finish the billing procedure by submitting your payment.

Belk Credit Card by GE Capital gives $10 in reward on every $400 purchases.

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