Access Baskin-Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey To Win


We all like Ice creams. There are different types of ice creams are available in the market. There are so many brands also working in this field to provide us good ice cream. Baskin-Robbins is one of them. If you are in California you do not need to go anywhere else except to go any of Baskin-Robbins branches. They are renowned to their taste and other facilities across the California. You can select any of your favorite flavors there. Nowadays most of the companies want get feedback of their valued customer. One very popular way to connect directly with your customer is having online customer satisfaction surveys. Most of these surveys are questionnaire based. You just need to take part in their customer online satisfaction survey.

Basic requirements are as under:-

  • A computer which is connected with internet connection.
  • Recently purchased receipt of Baskin-Robbins any of stores.
  • You should be a legal resident of the country.

Now the important question is how one can complete Baskin-Robbins Guest satisfaction survey and win different kinds of prizes. The answer is very simple and stated below:-

  • Simply visit Baskin-Robbins survey page i.e.
  • Select the language you better understand.
  • Enter your 18-digit survey code which is already printed on your purchased receipt.
  • Enter date / time and store you visited. This is also written on your receipt.
  • Click online survey button.
  • You will be asked about some easy questions answer them carefully.
  • Leave your personal information i.e. contact number and email address and submit your survey after clicking “Finish” button.

All you need is to just share your experience with seller. Baskin-Robbins one very unique offer is if you are a member of their birthday club you will receive a birthday cake from Baskin-Robbins totally free of cost.


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