Join The Citi Simplicity Program Online


Citi is a group which is offering financial facilities to its customers. It is regarded as the biggest credit card issuer. Company also gives many other facilities to its customers like banking and wealth proper management. Customers can apply online for their Citi credit card rather than waiting for the bank to open and standing in long queue. Customer simply needs to have an invitation letter from the company and then fill the application form and submit it online by following the given step wise instructions. In this way one can join the Citi Simplicity invitation offer and activate the credit card by sitting at home.


  • User must have an operating system.
  • User need to have an internet connection.
  • User requires the invitation letter which he receives via email.
  • User should have a good know how of English language.

Step By Step Instructions:

  • First of all access the website for joining the Simplicity offer by going to the given link
  • As the website opens up you will see a box where you have to give your invitation number which you got via email.
  • In the next step give your name, zip code of your locality in the given fields.
  • Hit the button marked as “Apply Now” to proceed next.
  • Now you are supposed to fill out the application form which is available online. Form demands some information from you like name, address and some other things.
  • On giving the complete details you have to submit the application for by going through the instructions.

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