Will China Ever Improve their Water Quality


The most highly populated countries, like China, who is also facing the most throes environmental condition due to refinery and other industries and are damaging their water resources in the country. The high polluted water in the country is already damaging the human as well as animal life. The majority of the cities in China is covered with the pollution and the smog. Such smog conditions were controlled during the Beijing Olympic event where, authorities tried to clear the sky with their best. The largest part of the country water is poorly contaminated with the industries wastage. Such facts are not ignored in Beijing. The central government is trying to overlook the issue that affect on the economic growth of the country. The GDP of China is skyrocketing to the increasing percent of 10%, which is noticed from the last three year decades. The pollution is due to the waste of the refineries, no matter, they play a vital role in the powerful growth of the economy and the industrial.

The china is planning strategically to control the water quality in the city. To tackle the pollution crisis and improving the water quality, the China has announced that they will ban all the sources of the water pollution, which play a crucial role in damaging the quality of the water resources in the country. The industries like printing plants, paper mills, pesticide producers and others are the main source of the water as well as the environmental pollution.

According to the latest CCTV of China that stronger action plans for such Water Pollution issues which are launched to control and prevent the resources which create pollution in the environment start by the State Council would be ending in 2016. Such closure will affect the plant life which are not resistant to such polluted environment and die in years. The China need to take many preventive measures to maintain the existence of such plants, otherwise, it will fail the healthy and pure environment in the country.

The Minister of China Mr Chen Yongqing, who work as a chief officer of the Environmental Protection claim that


“We will use different steps of the water purity for the different companies. Our rule of preventing the water pollution will encourage the companies to understand and manage their social responsibilities towards the water purity scheme. The low standard companies, have to pay a large price to support this system according to the law they follow.”

Beside this water pollution, the Beijing, also have other interesting motive to introduce the anti-pollution system which could control the pollution, occurred due to these oil refineries. Such, oil companies which are working in the China are not only the major causes of the water pollution in the country, but also the all industries which are Beijing is trying to regulate from the last couple of years without any use. These projects are unsuccessful, but create a huge factor of the poor water quality in the country.

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