Will California Water Conservation Steps a Good Decision?


Since last four consecutive years, the California has faced severe droughts in the country. The proportion of the water wastage is much stronger in the state that authorities are taking precautionary as well as conservation steps for the water.

On Wednesday, the Governor of California Jerry Brown ordered to take unprecedented and sweeping measures to conserve the water usage in the California. As it is already shown in a water forecast report submitted by the NASA, that California will face a serious shortage of water and its resources will be demolished in the upcoming years. In a recent survey the water reservoirs in the country are started declining as predicted. It seems that the snow pack, which supports the third half of the state’s water is now completely disappeared from the land.

In a recent interview to the Echo Summit, Jerry claimed that

“We’re in a new era; the idea of your nice little green grass getting water every day, that’s going to be a thing of the past.”


He stand on the dry grass which was covered with the snow on the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and ordered its countrymen to conserve the water as much and give emergency approval for all the mandatory measures and water restrictions to cope with the drought that is considered to be the millennium worst drought in the country. He passed an order for all the cities and towns to reduce their water consumption up to 25 %.

Although the order is restricted to all the people in the California, but few are opposing the plan as they are not feeling any difference if their day to day water consumption is reduced or could effect on their wallets.

After the order, the citizens of the California developed their storage places where they conserve the water for future and it also helps them to remain saved from the severe drought conditions in the country. Some people are not using recycled water for their lawns which is affecting on the water conservation plans implemented by the government. Most of the farmers are opposing the plan, as it would effect on the production of farms which could be damaged in case of shortage of water. The economy of the country also effect if there is no proper production of the fruits, vegetables or the related farm food which are source of export to the other countries.

An executive order had been signed with the agreement of all the political parties that conserving the water in the country is mandatory and all the consumers should strictly follow the new orders as passed by the Governor for the safety precautions in the near future. This agreement is to expand the conservation plan programs which will reshape the Californians usage of water.

After the orders are legally spread in the country, the golf courses, Cemeteries and other businesses start cutting back their water usage on the landscapes. The local government is planning to tear out the almost 50m.sq ft lawns for the tolerant plants which suffered in drought.

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