Will Airbnb Model Help To Overcome The Crisis Situation


Water authorities in the California state have been planning to learn and implement the formula of Airbnb to improve the situation of water crises through which the state has been going. To understand, first we need to know what is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a company which provides an online platform to the people who want to rent their homes or room or pullout couches in their homes. Observations have been done on the issue and suggestions have been given that the model would be useful for the water officials and help in the overcoming of the drought in California with the help of “Sharing Economy”.

As the home owners rent their extra space to the people who need them, same is the case of water here in which farmers will be involved in leasing their extra water to the utilities i-e water utilities are going to buy water from the farmers. The testing of the plan is being done and a trade group, Western Growersis with the water authorities making a joint venture with them. The group has farmers who are involved in the production of half of the fruits and vegetables of the state.

The idea has been imitated by Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management (SWIIM) which has become the source of provision of a technology through which water sales between California water rights holders might be rationalized.


Head of the company, Kevin France made the idea of the company clear and told that the idea of sharing economy is just like what is happening in other areas. Water will be given by the persons who have it available in excess to those who have shortage of it. The technology would help by engaging the farmers in it to give an easy access to the municipalities, industrial users, conservation groups, and other farmers.

The company (SWIIM) would charge around $15000 for a year but according to France, most of the districts have been able to get it for free of cost. Stats made by SWIIM show that almost 25 percent of the water is wasted by the farmers of California and Colorado states that would be used to fulfill the needs of those who lack water and require to have better and more water supply.

The software is used by the company in which farmers give their information about the usage of water and what should be done to reduce its usage. An algorithm is develop in order to save the water and then allow it to lease the water to municipalities, industrial users or other farmers when it is in excess quantity. Other tools to get benefit are like sensors and satellite imagery are being utilized to know about the availability of the water.

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