Why Water Conservation Is Necessary In Arizona And Colorado


A bigger percentage of Arizona residents are a panicky lot because their water supplies is dwindling at a pretty fast rate.

State officials have asked them to conserve water because the amount of water that is available for use today is lower than what’s needed for residential, agricultural, manufacturing and a wide range of other uses.

Drought is now real in Arizona. For many years now, Arizonans have heard about drought. This is due to the fact that the state has received lower than normal rainfall for most of the years since 1999.

If there is no recovery regarding the monsoon, there is a possibility that Phoenix may post one of its driest years on record.


The Colorado River is drying quite fast. This is due to the fact that rain in the entire metro area hasn’t done much for the rivers. Because there is very little water, a lot of water has to be imported from somewhere else. But a lot of water is obtained from Colorado River which supplies 40 million people spread across 7 states including Arizona.

Again, Colorado has not received enough amount of rainfall since 2000, except for three years. Moreover, Lake Mead has fallen to low level that has never been seen since 1930s.

Another big reservoir-Lake Powell is half empty. If the shrinking which is experienced in Lake Mead continues, how much all the seven states will have to cut back remains to be known.

But here is the hurting truth: Arizona gets burned when Colorado shrinks.

As the amount of water in Lake Mead gets lower, residents of Arizona will have to cut back on how much water they use on everyday basis. This will also apply to the state of Nevada which shares the same pain as Arizona.

California will have to keep its share of water, provided there is no shortage of water on the river. The reason why Arizona gets a raw deal can be traced back to 1968 when the people of Arizona wanted to build a canal which could enable it take in more water. However, for this to occur, congressional support from California was necessary.

California’s congress agreed, but provided that it would keep the water when things go dicey. This means that Arizona gets the raw part of this deal.

It’s also reported that in state supplies are dwindling. Not all of Arizona’s water comes from Colorado, but almost half of the water which is used in Phoenix area comes from Verde and Salt rivers and also from LakeRoosevelt. Even there, things are not rosy.

The amount of groundwater supplies is running down pretty fast. For instance, NASA and the University of California at Irvine reports that River Colorado has lost up to 41 million of groundwater from its reservoir for the last 10 years, which is equal to the entire water volume Lake Mead can hold.

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