Waterfront To Expenditure Wasteful-Rob Ford


Waterfront Toronto has come up with a “ get the facts “ section on their website after being heavily criticized by the Fords and many other councilors for what they referred to as excessive spending.

The mayor of Toronto-Rob Ford continued with his condemnation Friday over money which was spending on accessories of the beach and related items. He said that he would have overseen the spending if he sat on the board as the law requires.

Several Tweets from the mayor’s account which is normally run by his staff accused the Waterfront Toronto for the – Sugar-Beach –Expenditure Friday.
One of the Tweets read- “I am very frustrated with the latest instance of wasteful spending that occurred at Waterfront Toronto.”
He further said that “$337,000 just for sand at the Sugar Beach is, in all instances unacceptable.”
Another Tweet fro the mayor said that “ After wasting $600K on a washroom,2 rocks and 36 umbrellas($1b billion) and   sand( $337K), waterfront Toronto is asking more of your money”.

“Millions of money on ricks, sand and washrooms is not hoe the people of Toronto would have wanted their hard earned cash spend,” said the mayor.


The agency has pointed out that the three government levels approved $14.2 million budget for the Sugar Beach in 2010. From this amount, the city covered $700,000 while $13.4 million   emanated from the federal government.

Doug Ford, brother to the city mayor railed hard against these costs at city Hall Friday, calling them ridiculous. Due to the excessive criticism which the Waterfront Toronto has undergone in the last few days, it has added a section on its website which will act as an important resource for people who would want to know the plain truth about what’s going on.

According to the website, there is no doubt that the park was constructed on time and within budget. The agency further reiterates that the umbrella cost was about $396,000 while the cost of the sand   was close to $396,000. This is due to the fact that the sand that was used was of a higher quality than what is normally available in the market. The website further says that the sand quality used at the Waterfront Toronto is even much better than what was used at the HTO Park.

However, some residents are not sure about what prompted the authorities to allocate such a huge amount of money for the Toronto Waterfront project. Sally Clark, a resident says there are many other causes which the money could be put to. She asserts that “the amount allocated and used on this single project is mind boggling and some kind of a ridicule directed at all of us”. She wondered why the money was not used to upgrade the water infrastructure and other important projects that could benefit the people of Toronto directly.

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