Waterfront The New Economic Growth Factor By Daniels Corporation


On 27, March Tom Dutton, the Senior Vice President of the Daniels Corporation and Mayor John Tory which has internationally famous as the urban designer expert for the Ken Greenberg and other Toronto cultural and arts leading organizations disclosed the plans of the Daniels Daniels City of the Arts Waterfront. It is a comprehensive imagination at Toronto’s East Bayfront, which is located in Queens Quay East and Lower Jarvis St.

The project total cost is almost $700,000,000 and it is the first private-sector developments at the East Bayfront of the city. The construction was made on the privately owned land of the company. This new dynamic community, is located at the East Bayfront gateway, will increase the Toronto economic growth. The project would be success factor for the city both national and international. Soon it will be known as the city of innovation, culture and arts. It is the best platform of media for the establishment of the new business and the creative artists.

For several years, the Daniels Corporation is famous for its heritage of creating a magnificent landmark like one at a King and John Street (Festival Tower) and TIFF Bell Lightbox. Beside these marvelous masterpieces, Daniels Regent Park Revitalization and Spectrum in the Toronto’s Downtown East is always the center of attention for its admirer’s. This corporation has always invested in such gigantic projects and are champions of the social programs, arts and innovative projects which includes the creative and artistic pieces with all their communities.

Daniels new artistic vision is the best platform for the creative artist who want to expose their artistic instincts to the world. This project will enhance the traditional as well as cultural, artistic roots with the innovative ideas of the ‘City of the Arts” organizations in the next few years. It would be the next step like the Government Nightclub which was an emblem venue of the entertainment and provide the fresh artists a better new start of their artistic talent.


The corporation is planning to work as an Artscape, which is a non-profit organization development and makes a platform for the community transformation, creativity and management firm of the talent. Manifest’s Last Gang Entertainment which is a non-profit organization has organized a largest Canadian hip hop culture celebration in the city. On the other hand The Remix Project, another non-profit company helps the creative sectors in launching the youth privileged job fairs in the country.

The Daniel’s City of the Arts project is the Waterfront which will be located at the corner of the Lakeshore Boulevard on the north side, east of the Richardson Street, south of the Queens Quay and west of the Lower Jarvis Street in Toronto. The land of the project would be based on the square foot 1320,000 and would be the waterfront’s successful revival. The project would contain the retail, office, residential areas, academies and cultural components where the people could work, play, work, learn and live in more innovative style.

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