Waterfront Reflecting On A Boating Tragedy


A boating accident which occurred on Biscayne Bay, Miami which cost 4 people their lives horrified sailors and pushed the need to follow basic safety while sailing.

The investigations into the incident were long completed and the final toxicological results show that alcohol was involved. The boat spun out of control and hit a third boat.

What has never been known is the speed at which the person who caused the accident was traveling. But what investigators have found out is that the collision left a gaping hole in the left part of the second boat.

“This tragedy lends itself to a discussion about boater education and safety and also the importance of wearing life jackets while sailing,” says Mike Cortese, a commander at the US Coast Guard.


Rescue crowds worked through the nights looking for 22 passengers of the three boats which were involved in the boating accident. Four people died while three others suffered serious injuries.

“That accident was very horrible,” says Gregg Henry who works as a rear commodore with a sailing club in Fort Lauderdale”.

He says that they are sailors and accidents tend to happen in boats from people falling. However, it’s rare to see a high speed collision happening”.

There are many ways that can be used to stop this from occurring and one of the best ways to go is increasing law enforcement, Henry suggests.”Miami does not have the finances needed to control the boats.

With faster boats such as these, boaters rev their engines and move pretty fast as a way of showing off. The boat’s engines have two speeds- full out or not.

You will find that young sailors are maneuvering powerboats owned by their fathers at high speeds. Things get more worse when many boats leave one event at the same time. It can just be compared to being in the middle of the storm.

Webb says that the wake can be one so bad and you are trying to control your boat.

Last year, available statistics indicated that more than 600 boating accidents happened in Florida followed by California which had slightly more than half the number of these accidents. This order was followed by New York which had about 195 boating accidents.

According to experts at Cutrone & Associates, the accidents caused by drugs and alcohol are preventable. This thought is supported by Capt Tom Shipp, an officer at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. “Even one death, really is too many”

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