Waterfront Event To Be Held As Global Study Shows Increase In Suicides Among Young People


There has been an event organised at the North Bay Waterfront and the request has been made that everyone brings a candle. It is the Light the Night event that has been arranged by Lorraine Restoule.

It is an attempt to make people aware of suicide and get across the message when it comes to the devastating effect that this act has on people. For those who leave loved ones behind, it is the end of their pain but for the ones that have been left behind, it is the start of a term of unbelievable suffering

The event first took place back in 2011 when the Breaking the Silence Suicide Awareness Group in Pembrokeshire and this was set up by a relative of Lorraine Restoule and the suggestion was made that she would be able to replicate the group nearer to where she lived and also organise a similar sore of event.

It was in fact a case of pushing at an already open door and Restoule did not need to be convinced that this was the right thing to do. She explained how her niece’s brother had been found by his family when he decided to end his life by killing himself in a bath tub.


She continued to say that there was the need to get help to people quickly or it will be too late. While it was a sad event and Tyler was missed, it was the rest of the family that was suffering so much and it was that which was breaking her heart.

The event that has been arranged is coinciding with World Suicide Prevention Day and with the latest figures to come from the World Health Organisation showing that there are upwards of 80,000 around the world who take their own loves every year. Staggering as that figure is when it is seen as one every 40 seconds it is even more shocking. The report also explains that the most commonly used methods are shooting, hanging or poison.

A further statement from the WHO says that this act is the second main cause of death when it comes to 15 -29 year olds around the globe.


Margaret Chan a director at WHO says that there is the need to call for whole scale action in order to address this issue and that it should no longer be hidden away and the deaths caused by it should not be shrouded in shame.

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