Water Will Be Saved By Complaining On New App Going To Be Launched Soon


Many steps have been taken to control the drought situation in California but still it has been increasing and therefore The Newhall County Water District is going to launch an app which would help them to identify those people who do not care about this situation and have been wasting the water. The app will work through the people who whenever see others doing such acts will be going to report the authority. People can take photos or videos as an evidence and send them to the Water District anonymously and their names will not be disclosed. It will be then the responsibility of water district to solve the issue.

This app will become a next step to the campaign which is very popular named as “drought shaming”. Through this campaign everyone who sees his neighbor being involved in wasting water spreads it on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is also called Drought Snitching and it has become an interesting part of the media and everyone is taking part in this famous campaign. It has become a fun as well as a source of controlling the use of water.

Governor of California Jerry Brown has recently announced that the target of authorities is to cut the usage of water between 8 percent and 36 percent till February 2016 and as far as concerned about the urban water usage, it has been targeted to reduce up to 25 percent. This amount of reduction will be drawn from all 411 urban water districts currently working in California.

The Newhall County district also got the details of that new plan due to which it had decided to meet the obligation and something needs to be done on a strict note. Taking the assistance of local customers is a good idea which would help them to catch those who are engaged in wasting water and then put a fine on them. It is expected to be a successful plan as in the past when drought shaming campaign was started, it also showed positive results and in the few days a survey was made according to which 20 percent reduction in wasting water activities was seen. Authorities at that time also told that almost 10,000 calls had been made during a very short span of time to them about the wastage of water done by the neighbor.Now through this new app, people will definitely stop wasting it due to the fear of being humiliated and get fined as well.


It will be a good combination of using technology to save water with the help of local communities. On one hand, authorities will be trying to save water to stop its misuse and on the other hand, technologies will be used to bring more water for example by purifying the wastewater. So, it is hoped that the state will be successful in saving water to provide it to the people who need it.

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