Water Utilities Can Use Social Media To Connect With Consumers


Water utilities are being given an opportunity to apply for their marketing and Water Research Foundation is making efforts in that mater so that social media may be utilized in favor of water utilities.

Foundation has shown keen interest to make an investment around $100,000 with a company that is going to be appropriate for this purpose and water utilities are successfully able to promote themselves.

The opportunity program has been set for the utilities by the foundation and they can apply there. The time critical research program is given the name of emerging opportunity program and sensitivity of the time is a vital element in making funding decisions. The emerging program gets the 20% of the annual research budget of the foundation.

The projects of this nature are usually for short span of around 3 to 12 months and its value ranges between $25000 and $200,000. According to the executives of the utilizes, social media can play a very critical role in the promotion of the utilities and these utilities can be connected with the customers as this media is mostly being used and ratepayers have an easy access to that.


The external affairs specialist Josephine Posti said that the updates during the emergency period can be given to the customers without electricity through the smartphones. The customers also have the same expectations form the utilities.

Recently, an analysis over the utilities’ use of social media has been done and it has been found out that if compared with the private companies, they are far behind According to her, the utilities which are managing the water are not much engaged in that media instead the businesses and the non-profit organizations are tend to utilize that more.

The association of business companies with the social media seems clearer but the question arises that why would the water management utilities require to join this media like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media can provide assistance to the water managers for field concerns, for example Twitter is being utilized by the DC Water where rate payers can report their problems due to which the emails to the general purpose inbox reduced. Through this, the utility is making the customers easily understand about the whole process of water from the point where it comes and the pricing of the water. It is a good act by the utilities to make the consumers aware of every fact and keep the process apparent to them.

Some of the utilities do not want to indulge in that because according to them, their profiles will be full of complaints of the consumers. The hesitation is found in few utilities but the media is said to be a helpful tool for them as it is going to increase their credibility as well.

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